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This is the same in Tai Chi, if we focus on only our Instructor when learning Tai Chi, trying to copy each and every move identical to there moves then we will fail to understand some key concepts in the form.

Each person is an individual as there is no such thing as normal when moving in the form and everyone gives a little bit of themselves to the movement as legs, arms, hips, waist, head , hands, feet are all different shapes and sizes  so this makes everyone’s movement just that bit individual and unique.

We have to focus inwardly on our own physical body looking at emulating the movement of our instructors rather than just copy them.

It’s tempting to focus on averages when we think about data, but the world is a lot messier than those numbers can make it out to be. So what could we gain if we shifted our attention to the outliers in the data, or as data journalist Mona Chalabi likes to call them, the lost birds? Want to hear more from Mona? 

Check out her podcast Am I Normal? with Mona Chalabi, from the TED Audio Collective.

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