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Important Update

hi all,

Hope you are all enjoying the Platinum Jubilee with friends and family.

Well its been a difficult week. Have been back to hospital for a second Xray and was no change in the repair so have been fitted with an upper arm brace to pull it all back together hopefully!

Have to go back for third Xray on Wednesday to see how the brace is working or not.

I am not allowed to lay down.

I am not allowed to have a bath or shower.

I am not allowed to move or rest the arm on anything allowing gravity to pull the arm down.

I am not allowed to put my arm into anything like arms of clothing.

Fingers and lower arm are all ok, just very swollen and bruised.

So, no classes for another week, sorry.

I have been practising Tai Chi by visualising the right arm moving, found it a bit tricky as a lot of the movements are triggered by it moving first but it made me notice we need to be a little more mindful of what the left hand is doing, like supporting or allowing the right hand to do its movement. Have a go, put your right arm in a sling so it cannot move and see how far you can get in the Tai Chi hand form. Always in a familiar and safe environment.

Have fun.

Will update next Saturday.

Sorry but Angie has broken her right arm, so no tai chi classes on zoom or outdoor this week, probably for a few weeks but will do a weekly update on each Saturday for coming week.
Hope everyone is good and have some wonderful plans for the Queens platinum jubilee enjoy!

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