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What is going on in the world of Tai Chi, Health, Scarborough and maybe Angie’s life.


Christmas Holidays Dates 2023

There will be NO classes between Tuesday the 19th Dec  2023 to Thursday 4th January 2024

Restart Classes

Tuesday 9th January 2024


September 12th 2023

Classes restart Tuesday 12th September


Summer Tai Chi Holiday Dates 2023

There will be NO classes, Tuesday 22nd August

to Thursday 7th September 2023


Saturday 29 April 2023 World Tai Chi and Qigong Day


07th March 2023

Starting classes again this Tuesday the 7th March 10.15 to 11.30 on zoom. I think due to the weather conditions at the beginning of the week will do the Wednesday outdoor class on zoom indoors 1.15 to 2.30, Thursday evening 7.15 to 8.30.


11th February 2023

Hope life for all of you is good and are able to enjoy the pleasant February weather we are having. It has been a very quick week for me, but at the same time very little going on yet on the other hand so much has happened. I have been for my first walk outside today, Saturday in the Sun, so good to feel the warm rays. All is well with the hip and seems to be no bruising or swelling and looks like just got a rather large sticky plaster on my leg, I just seem to have a swollen knee, but hip is all good. I am going to see the nurse on Thursday 16th to check my wound and stitches are OK. Ken has been to see his nurse to have his toe dressed and he says it all looks well, again very little bruising and no swelling or redness. Had no problems of driving the car so he was very happy. Now onto building the body up and managing the Osteoporosis, sleep, meditation (a bit more) medication (less), refreshments (checking vitamins & minerals), exercise (a little more), work & rest (pace), repeat. Not forgetting to congratulate myself on my achievements (or noticing my difficult areas).


4th Feb 2023

Angie’s Hip Replacement,  so will be no classes for the next few weeks, watch out for the Saturday email updates.


31st January 2023

Ken has had his big left toe up to the first joint removed and all looks good.


May 2022  Angie’s Broken Arm

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