Tai Chi Workshops by Angie Wood


The benefit’s to practising and studying T’ai Chi are many.

As time goes by the scientists of today are catching up with what the practitioners of T’ai Chi have known for many decades.

I would think the first benefit that would spring to my mind is teaching oneself to stop let go and relax, which is not as simple as you may think and  is not about just slumping down in a chair and saying to yourself relax work is over.

The mental action and process of acquiring the knowledge, understanding and experience of practising T’ai Chi. Helps you to open up your senses, stimulating your awareness, perception, insight, intelligence and reasoning. Which can make your life more meaningful adding a better quality to it. By using slow controlled sequences and co-ordinating the breath, balancing the body and mind which stimulates and unblocks our internal energy, so it can flow freely, relaxing our muscles and mind giving us meditation in movement. Tones and vitalises the whole body, strengthens joints, improves posture, reduces stress, promotes confidence and self-esteem.

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