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or Location-Location-Location

When we practise T’ai Chi in a class it is often difficult to see what the instructor is doing as they move from one stance to another from the position we have stood in and this can be a bit frustrating as we feel we are at a disadvantage all the time not getting the movement right because you cannot see what is going on.

Imagine on a walk we come across a beautiful view and the best angle to take a picture is right where a great giant oak is stood we cannot stand in front of it as it is right on the cliff edge, if we move to the right part of the view is missing , if we move to the left the same thing happens, we could climb the tree to see it from the top but chances of injuring oneself is rather high.

The same thing happens in a T’ai Chi class we can spend many hours trying to get the perfect position to get the perfect view so we can see what is been shown, we can ask our instructor to move a little to the left or right, we can ask other students around us to move so we can get a better view, but still we feel we have not achieved the perfect position to get the best view for what is been shown.

We can delve into what T’ai Chi is all about to find the answer, which is meditation in motion which means mediate, medium, median, medicine, in the middle, we mediate with our selves by in one class we stand in a position so we can see it from the left and get a view from that angle then in the next class we stand in a position so we see it from the right and see it from that angle, another we can position yourself in the middle, another a little bit back or forward so we can then piece together each view from a different angle building up a magnificent panoramic view of your own making from one week to the next.

Don’t be in a rush to get there, look inward take time, you have to empty yourself first then you can slowly build up your picture and get a FEEL of T’ai Chi as this is what it is all about rather than.

Now we can do online classes which Angie takes you through step by step each position in all four angles, first from the front saying what we are doing with out hands and feet, then from a side view saying which stance we are in, than from a back view saying which breath we do in each position then from the opposite side reminding you of the set we are doing.

Beginners course now available on my home page www.etaichi.co.uk

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