Tai Chi Workshops by Angie Wood


To most people Tai Chi just looks like Gentle flowing movements.

This is what most people begin with, a thought of “I would like to do that ” those gentle flowing movements. So we look for a class we can attend to learn those “gentle flowing movements”.

We begin with some warming up exercises and wonder when the “gentle flowing movements” are going to begin, “come on I want to get started”.

We are introduced to breathing yes breathing, so you think ”I know how to breathe, I would not be standing hear if I did not know how to breath”.

Then we go on to stances and again, we thought we came to learn about “gentle flowing movements” not standing about in various stances.

Hear it comes relaxing we are going to start those “gentle flowing movements” no we are talking about the mind and the inner stillness of the body, stillness! I want to move, come on I am relaxed let’s start those “gentle flowing movements”.

Now grounding and connecting our feet, hands and mind together.

Connecting with our centre the Tan Tien area keeping the body upright and balanced.

Coordinating our upper and lower body together to move as one

Then understanding our inner Chi energy, inner energy hey! where did that come from?.

Li external energy all around us sensing the pressure of the air all around us moving with the movement of others, so now its not just my energy I have to move but now the people around me!.

So I am warmed up, breathing deep, I know my stances, I am relaxedgrounded and balanced feeling my inner Chi & external Li  energy and wow “gentle flowing movements” Many Many Moons later!.

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