Tai Chi Workshops by Angie Wood


The Lee Family Style Tai Chi Warm Up
Warming up gets you into the right frame for exercising, by preparing your mind and body for what is to come. Increasing your circulation gradually, so you can recognise any stiff joints or problem areas.
The Lee Style of Tai Chi warm up is a structured warm up from top down, what we do on the right side we do on the left side. We must pay attention to the body at all times during the warm up, as one side of the body may find it easy and the other side may find it hard, so we only take the side that finds it easy to as far as the side that finds it hard so the body is equal on both sides, leaving out any exercise that does not feel comfortable to you, joining back in when you feel more comfortable to carry on.
In our T’ai Chi warm up we repeat each exercise on each side usually between five or ten times, but it is OK to do shorter repetitions and gradually build up to what you feel, is right for YOU.
Only go as far as is comfortable, slowly stretching the muscles just until you feel resistance, this is usually about 70% from our maximum 100% limit.
Hand Circles
Neck Up & Down, Side to Side, Ear to Shoulder
Hip Circles
Bear look over shoulder
Lion look over shoulder
Leopard side bend
Monkey calf stretch
Dragon, Monkey* and Leopard*
Leg Massage
Toes In & Out
Ankle Turns
Forward Bend
Heel Kicks
Heels Up & Down
Body Shake Out
Four directional breathing
*Not suitable for Ladies
The warm up takes approx. 15 to 20 minutes and is best to do before each practice session of T’ai Chi or each Module you are going to learn.