Tai Chi Workshops by Angie Wood


Prepare Facing South

On committing to practicing Tai Chi Chuan we prepare our physical body and mental mind to relax. This we must teach ourselves to yield to all outside forces and inside mind chattering to be at one with ourselves, taking control of our physical body and mental mind.

Tai Chi is a journey for you and you alone, it is not for us to just look on the outside and see what we physically look like, but to be on the inside as well and feel what we are. Harmonising the external energy (Li) with the internal energy (Chi), balancing the two together as one, creating a gentle grounded stillness within.

Letting GO Including our PAIN Becoming aware of the energy of the feet holding us upright using the earth’s energy (Li) then gathering heavens energy  (Li) from up above us and bringing this back to our centre, utilising the gathered celestial energy with our deep diaphragm breathing at our centre which in turn helps activate our internal energy  (Chi) within ourselves.