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Focus in Tai Chi

We use the term focus in many different ways in the practise of T’ai Chi.

In the early stages of our practise we use the term “focus the eyes into the near distance”. By focusing your eyes into the near distance you let go of intent control of the body so the muscles in the body can loosen and soften relaxing the joints and becoming more flexible, giving us greater balance and support while using less oxygen giving us more energy, the mind can clear, calming the monkey chatter making us aware of our orientation in space, so we can pay more attention to the inside feel of the body cultivating inner awareness and calm.

So by focusing your eyes outward you actually bring your attention inwards on yourself.

Doing less but giving us more effortless power.

Then when we move further into our T’ai Chi practise we focus on the alignment and position of the body so we know where each hand and foot comes from and where it is going to, transferring weight from one side of the body to the other side, coordinating the body and connecting with our breath by been present and as one, so we are in tune with each movement giving our body a full workout strengthening the body releasing stress and anxiety.

Further along we focus on the expansion and movement of the energy of the body so as each heel, ball of foot then toes come in touch with the ground we move the energy from the earth up through and around the body opening and closing the meridian pathways as it passes through the body and out of the hands to where it is needed connecting each move with the next as one long continuous silk thread giving us meditation in motion.

Then we can give total focus to absolute precision timing, moving the energy around so it cannot be seen where the energy is coming from or where it is going to, connecting the earth and heaven through the body giving us vital energy and life force with moving but not moving, having complete inner strength and stillness.

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