Tai Chi Workshops by Angie Wood


Course Information

Estimated Time: 1hr 30m

Difficulty: Advanced

  • Lesson 1 Warm Up Daily Lee Style Tai Chi
  • Lesson 2 Meditation Practise, sitting peacefully.
  • Lesson 3 Practise Set 35 Within The Cyclone No. 111-114
  • Lesson 4 Visualisation Within The Cyclone
  • Lesson 5 Close Down Daily “The Five Lotus Blossoms”

Course Instructor

Angie Wood Angie Wood Author

Angie Wood was born in Scarborough in 1954 the 5th Daughter and the 7th On looking for something to give life a fuller meaning Angie came across the Art of T’ai Chi Ch’uan and after passing her Teaching Training in the Lee Style of Tai Chi in 2002 teaching weekly classes at the Tai Chi Workshops in Scarborough UK and has founded the web site www.taichiworkshops.co.uk, now with the pandemic and its social distancing Angie has set up doing Zoom online classes for her regular students and complete beginners courses in the Lee Style T’ai Chi. While continuing to study and teach the Art of T’ai Chi keeping an open mind to all the various other health and wellbeing aspects like mindfulness and meditation, for ways on how to make her life and maybe others fit, strong, healthy, and wealthy in body, mind and spirit.

Set 35 Within The Cyclone

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