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On watching this Ted Talk it reminded of how when I stand in front of a class of T’ai Chi students as the leader, there is no point in just doing my thing. I need to know what the students who are following me, want from me.

Do they just want me to lead, do they want me to say out the number of the movement in T’ai Chi we are doing, the set we are doing, the name of the set, are we doing an In breath or an Out breath, are we on the right or left leg, which bit of the movement do we start with, so I teach them to teach me how to teach them and this will be different each time we practise.

I teach them to not just follow me but watch others practising Tai Chi, don’t just take my way as the best and only way, it is not always about the best way, but collaborate with others to see how they learn and practise, taking a little bit from here and there, finding there way along the path of learning T’ai Chi.

There is not just one path to climb the same mountain, there are many paths to reach the same goal, with many different methods along the way and collaborating with others you will soon notice that we are all interdependent on each other and can help each other to attain the goal we are trying to reach.

This is also relevant to set 3 in the T’ai Chi form “Fair Lady Weaving”

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