T’ai Chi Ch’uan Lee Style

all to do with the lee style Tai Chi form promoted by Chee Soo


Focus in Tai ChiWe use the term focus in many different ways in the practise of T’ai Chi.In the early stages of our practise we use the term “focus the eyes into the near distance”. By focusing your eyes into the near distance you let… Read More »Focus

5 in 5 out Tai Chi Breathing

Equal breathing technique focuses on making your inhales and exhales the same length. Making your breath smooth and steady can help bring about balance and equanimity. A breathing length of 5 counts in and 5 counts out is recomended as a good balance for body-mind.… Read More »5 in 5 out Tai Chi Breathing

World Tai Chi Day

The world T’ai Chi & Qigong day is always the last SATURDAY IN APRIL For nearly two decades a quiet subtle phenomenon has grown across the globe. Each year on the last Saturday of April in 100’s of cities in over 80 nations, spanning 6… Read More »World Tai Chi Day

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or Location-Location-Location When we practise T’ai Chi in a class it is often difficult to see what the instructor is doing as they move from one stance to another from the position we have stood in and this can be a bit frustrating as we… Read More »Position-Position-Position

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What is T’ai Chi

To most people Tai Chi just looks like Gentle flowing movements. This is what most people begin with, a thought of “I would like to do that ” those gentle flowing movements. So we look for a class we can attend to learn those “gentle flowing… Read More »What is T’ai Chi

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T’ai Chi Benefits

The benefit’s to practising and studying T’ai Chi are many. As time goes by the scientists of today are catching up with what the practitioners of T’ai Chi have known for many decades. I would think the first benefit that would spring to my mind… Read More »T’ai Chi Benefits