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October 2021
Hello Dear Friends, Cultural Creatives & Seekers Everywhere,

A picture is worth a thousand words. An animation … well that’s worth a heck of a lot more words but is so much easier to comprehend than words alone. This is the reason why I am so happy to present a Newsletter video once again from Mark Wooding, the fabulous animator behind the successful After Skool education series. In this video, Mark has animated an excerpt from my lectures on Spontaneous Evolution describing the nature of 4 scientific assumptions that have been instrumental in precipitating today’s global chaos.

The Biology of Belief book emphasized the science by which an individual’s consciousness shapes their genetic activity and the character of their life. While writing (OK … more truthfully, while down-loading) the manuscript, an amazing insight hit me, “What would be the consequence of a large number of people sharing the same beliefs?” Collectively, they would manifest a culture that would materialize those beliefs.

This thought was the seed that, when germinated, led to Spontaneous Evolution (co-written with Steve Bhaerman); the second book of what would become a trilogy on the role of belief. Later, The Honeymoon Effect, the third book in the series, emphasized how Love can override culturally programmed beliefs and offer an individual the personal empowerment to manifest a life of Heaven-on-Earth.
Most people are familiar with the truism, “Knowledge is power.” Another way of expressing the same thing is, “A lack of knowledge is a lack of power.” A misperception, when adopted, represents a disempowering lack of knowledge. The character of today’s civilization, referred to as Scientific Materialism, has been shaped by knowledge provided by modern science. As we are now aware, the behavior derived from current cultural beliefs has precipitated the 6th Mass Extinction Event that threatens the survival of human civilization.
A significant contribution to our impending extinction is four primary culture-shaping scientific beliefs that are now found to be flawed or are even outright wrong. I refer to these misleading assumptions that have led us to the brink of extinction as the “Four Myth Perceptions of the Apocalypse.”
In facing civilization’s imminent demise, we are now at a crossroad , a point at which crucial decisions must be made that will have far reaching consequences. To survive into the future, we must change self-destructive behaviors by revising the beliefs that have led us astray. The story in Spontaneous Evolution reveals that when the beliefs that shape a civilization change … the older civilization will go into decline, while a new civilization, based on a different set of beliefs, will arise.
This month’s video focuses on the current misperceptions that are challenging the survival of civilization. The presentation offers four newer insights on these misperceptions, that when adopted will be the foundation of a newer, more sustainable version of human civilization. As mentioned above, we are facing a very critical time in human history, whose fate I believe will rest on how rapidly we can rewrite today’s misperceptions to turn this “ship” around. I hope the ideas presented in this video will offer insight and information on how we can thrive into the future!
Wishing YOU empowerment to manifest a life of Heaven-on-Earth, filled with health, happiness, and harmony.
With LOVE and LIGHT,

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