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Can a poem change how you breathe? Listen Hear

A young woman Taqwa found herself devoid of energy and, at a loss for a pathway to recovery, turned to the power of an ancient Persian poem to help her breathe.

Her journey towards alternative healing for long Covid unfolds through conversations about the power of poetry, rhythm and voice, Islamic mystical conceptions of breath, and the impact of literature on the brain. On her journey down this rabbit-hole, Taqwa meets Pat Edwards, from the Poetry Pharmacy, translator Muhammad Ali and academic and publisher Nick Canty.

So, is there a real science behind this ancient art?

New Storytellers presents the work of new radio and audio producers, and this series features the winners of the Charles Parker Prize 2022 for the Best Student Radio Feature. The award is presented every year in memory of the pioneering radio producer Charles Parker who produced the famous series of Radio Ballads with Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger.

Winning producer of Breathing Lyrically, Taqwa Sadiq, is studying at University College London and the judges adored Taqwa’s ‘beautiful journey of the programme’… A ‘fantastically

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