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This Includes a full demonstration of the first 50 movements of the Lee style Tai Chi, the daily warm up, learn how to do abdominal breathing to keep you and your lungs healthy, the first set of the Lee family style of T’ai Chi with full explanation on how to do the complete “Gather Celestial Energy” set, the close down “Five Lotus Blossoms” to finish your practice.

T’ai Chi can bring many benefits into your life you just have to begin. Have a look at what the beginners Tai Chi course is all about.

T’ai Chi Ch’uan = The Supreme Ultimate, compromising a sequence of physical  calisthenics with its early history in the various forms of pugilism.

Tai Chi has many health benefits.

Reduces stress on your daily life by teaching you how to breath deeply.
Helps to control mood imbalances by building emotional resilience.
Gives you a better sleep pattern by teaching you how to close down before sleeping.
Promotes weight loss by teaching how to stay fit and healthy.
Improves cognition, balance and strength by showing you how to move slowly which builds strength.
Reduces risk of falls by showing you how to move the body and mind together as one within your own limits and comfort zones.
Helps manage Parkinson’s.
Improves Fibromyalgia symptoms.
Improves COPD symptoms.
Safe for people with Coronary Heart Disease.
Helps you to control and reduce pain from Arthritis.

What Tai Chi is all about

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